Our Story

Our Story


Our Strength lies in our diverse experience and our sheer size. Comprised of a well rounded team of professionals with experience spanning the financial sector to law to business and Cannabis, we are positioned well to become Jamaica’s largest bulk supplier of high quality Cannabis and Cannabis compounds.

Our Facility

Under development, is a State-of-the-Art 15,000 square foot GMP compliant facility for the purpose of testing, product development, extractions and compounding oils for export.

With Cannabinoid and Terpene rich product and a self-sustained annual production capacity of over 60,000 Kilograms per year to start, this makes Jamaica Cannabis Estates the islands biggest Cannabis and Cannabis compound provider.

History of Cannabis in Jamaica

Cannabis in Jamaica goes back as far as 1850, when the first seedlings were brought over from India by indentured servants. Cannabis quickly was embraced by the working class, which did not sit well with the plantation owners who pushed to outlaw the plant. Cannabis was made illegal in 1913. However, making Cannabis illegal did not deter Jamaicans from using the herb. In the Seventies, one anthropological study found that between 60 and 70 percent of Jamaicans consumed Jamaica Cannabis on a regular basis.

Fast forward almost one Hundred years later, in February of 2015 Jamaica’s legislature voted to amend the Nation’s Cannabis laws, and in 2015 Jamaica planted its first legal Cannabis Plant at the University of the West Indies.

Today companies like Jamaica Cannabis Estates have established massive cultivation endeavours to share the beloved Ganga herb in effort to help meet the increasing worldwide demand.

Cannabis is often referred to as “Ganja” which is actually a Hindu phrase which means hemp.